A Few Thanksgiving and Christmas Highlights – 2013

Poo! That word is thrown around a lot at our house, but it’s what I said when I realized Thanksgiving and Christmas were over and I hardly got any pictures! Here are a few that I did snap plus a video at the bottom of B’s Christmas Program at his school/daycare that he attends a couple days a week. I laughed/ugly-cried through the whole performance…my baby’s first Christmas program! I’m sure the parents around me were so confused.  Is she laughing or is she crying? I’m not even sure, but I don’t care…I’m a mom.






Christmas Photo Shoot – 14 months old

Merry Christmas! This is a little photo shoot we did with Little B for the Christmas card photo.  Photo shoots with kids are always tricky, so this is how we did it.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional by any means…this is the product of our trial and error photography techniques. 🙂


Picture No.1


Picture No. 2


Picture No. 3


Picture No. 4


Picture No. 5 – this is his “cheese” face. Haha.

The goal: get B happy and smiling for at least 2 seconds.

The setup: Camera between the daylight coming in the room and B. Living room chair turned around so B could stand up and peek over the back (He likes bouncing on the couch and chairs so this contributed to the happy goal).  Christmas tree lit up in back.

The props: Little dude is obsessed with balls, so a plastic ball-shaped ornament was a great toy to keep him focused.

The editing: Adobe Lightroom