Sketchup House – Behind the Scenes

I’m starting on a new house this week…it’s a two story!

Here’s a look behind the scenes.

For finished Sketchup 3D Houses, check out the Portfolio.

First Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

First Floor + Second Floor


First Floor + Second Floor + Roof



Offering FREE Sketchup 3D Modeling

Hi Everyone,

I want to build my Sketchup 3D Modeling portfolio and skills, so I am going to be offering FREE 3D Modeling services! Your variety of projects will help me gain some experience and hopefully help you achieve your design goals as well.

If you are…

  1. Remodeling your home – 3D Models of the existing home and the home after the renovation.
  2. Building a new home – given a set of builder’s plans, I will create a 3D Model and walkthrough video of the new home.
  3. Landscaping – a 3D model and walkthrough of how your yard would look with new landscaping
  4. Furniture 3D models
  5. Interior design
  6. Send me your idea!

Here’s a little of what I’ve done so far…

Briana Elevation 4

Interior 1

Interior 2

Interior 3


Birmingham Floor Plan

Birmingham kitchen view

Birmingham Option B

See a walkthrough video here…

If you are interested in seeing a 3D Model of your project, please email me at

What I may need from you to help you realize your project…

  1. Set of builder’s plans with plan dimensions (optional)
  2. A rough sketch with rough dimensions
  3. Description of project

Chevron Wall – Kids Room


Last October around B’s first birthday, my wonderful parents-in-law dove right in to help me bring this dream to realization.  I will never forget this project and how much their help meant to me!

Here’s generally how we did it…

  1. I used Sketchup to plan out the pattern and make a grid. It will show the dimensions needed. for each grid mark. (To download Google Sketchup for FREE, click here.)
  2. We used a laser level to put pencil dots at all the grid intersection points (the vertices of the zig zags).  I’ve seen people do this by drawing the entire grid on the wall or using chalk line, but it seemed like a lot of work to get the pencil/chalk line off afterward, so we opted for this route.
  3. Next, we connected the dots with tape, making sure to put the tape above or below the dot as needed.  This depends on which side of the tape you will be painting.
  4. Painting with a small roller for middle areas and edge brush at the edges.
  5. When painting was complete, we pulled the tape before it completely dried.
  6. Touched up paint as needed.
  7. Done!





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My Nap Time Hobby – 3D Home Modeling


Well, this is not the typical mom nap time craftiness, but I must admit that we’re a little nerdy in these parts.  🙂

Here’s what I’ve been working on during many of B’s naps these past several months.

Because of my engineering background, I’ve always been interested in modeling, design, building, etc.  This has been a great creative and challenging outlet for me as a new stay-at-home mom.  It incorporates math, interior design, reading home plans, landscaping – all wonderful things. I told you….NER-DY! I can’t help it. 🙂

My dad now uses these models on his website – CMS Homes, LLC to show customers what their new home can potentially look like and “feel” like when walking through it.  I use Trimble Sketchup, a free modeling program that is incredibly easy to use compared to other modeling software I’ve come across.

Take a look at the video and let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions!


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