Lancaster County Farm Fresh CSA – Week 1

Our family decided to try out one of the local CSAs – Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We signed up for the Winter CSA Omnivore package which includes a share of vegetables, 1 pantry item (syrup, applesauce, etc.), 1 lb. pasture-raised meat, and 1 cheese block.  All items are locally farmed or made in our county and all items are organic.  Each week we go to our host location and pick up our box of goodies.

I’ve been a ‘little’ excited about this.  The fun of trying new recipes with fresh-from-the-farm foods has turned our daily dinners into a thrilling hobby for me. A few of the things we’ve gotten in our box the first couple weeks I had never heard of in my life.  Some I had heard of but just never tried.  I love that we’re trying new things and getting more veggies in our diet at the same time. Win, win.

Here’s what came in our box Week 1…

  • Orange carrots
  • Black radishes
  • Rutabaga
  • Yukon gold potatoes
  • Jerusalem artichokes (or sunchokes)
  • Portobello mushroom caps
  • Shitake mushrooms
  • 1 jar applesauce
  • Chicken legs
  • Blue cheese

Here’s some of the recipes we tried with these items…

Homemade Mushroom Soup by Season with Spice

Review: A-mazing! We used all the shitake mushrooms and one Portobello cap for this recipe.  We will definitely make this again.

Homemade Mushroom Soup recipe by

[Photo via Season with Spice]

Whitechapel Shepherd’s Pie @

Review: Very good! I included black radishes, rutabaga, carrots, and potatoes from our box to make this.  We also traded out the ground lamb for ground beef since we already had it in the freezer.

Whitechapel Shepherd's Pie Recipe

[Photo via]

Creamy Scalloped Ginger Sunchokes by Boulder Locavore

Review: Never having heard of or tried sunchokes before, we didn’t know what to expect from this recipe.  The flavor was a little….weird….for our taste.  However, the following day I had the leftovers and they were delicious…much better after a night in the fridge.  I’m not giving up on sunchokes, so if we get them again, I’d like to try preparing them a different way.  Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll make this recipe again.

[Photo via Boulder Locavore]

Garlic Roasted Chicken & Potatoes @

Review: This was really yummy.  We included the potatoes, rutabaga, and chicken from our box in this recipe.  I was most surprised by the delicious flavor of roasted rutabaga coated in garlic and maple syrup.  I might make that by itself next time, it was so good.  We will definitely make this one again!

Garlic Roasted Chicken and Potatoes Recipe

[Photo via]

Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs by Taste of Home

Review: We had two different kinds of blue cheese in our fridge, one from our CSA and one from the grocery store.  Because I’m pregnant and can’t eat soft cheese made with unpasteurized milk, I wasn’t able to try the blue cheese from the CSA box.  I made half the eggs with the CSA cheese and half with the store-bought cheese.  Brandon wasn’t crazy about the CSA blue cheese eggs…said they tasted like a farm smells. P-U. We did enjoy the store-bought blue cheese deviled eggs though.  I put some hot sauce on mine and it was delicious.

Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs Recipe

Photo via Taste of Home


One thought on “Lancaster County Farm Fresh CSA – Week 1

  1. Isn’t it fun to try new recipes and experience new foods?! I’m going to give a few of these recipes a try. Thanks for the suggestions, Denise! Hope you are staying warm and cozy!!

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