Road Trip Part 2 – Adirondack Mountains

After we left the Catskills on Day 2, we drove north towards the Adirondack mountains.  On our way, we made a stop at the beautiful Saratoga Springs Congress Park for lunch and duck-feeding.  Silly me did not get pictures of this park, but here is a picture from

From (Click picture for website)

After lunch, we drove to our campsite at Medcalf Acres in Schroon Lake, NY.  Here’s our home for the next two nights.

IMG_7168Little B liked to toss things in the river.  We had to go after trucks, spoons, pens, and the frisbee twice. That crazy kid.

IMG_7169Day 3 – A hike up Mt. Jo with beautiful views.







IMG_7184Time to go back down the mountain.

IMG_7185I don’t know how he carried B up and down this mountain.  I had difficulty just getting myself up the thing. Also note the bug spray in tow…very important!


IMG_7187Day 3 (cont.) – After our hike, we went to Lake Placid for lunch at Lake Placid Pub & Brewery (a great place to take kids – they have a kids room with a ton of toys!) and a quick driving tour.

Day 4 – Ate our cereal, packed up the car, and headed out on the road again.

IMG_7190To be continued….


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