Blanket Time – June 2013 Week 1

What is Blanket Time? Find a description in the first post here.

Want to see other Blanket Time and Activity plans? Find an index here.


B and Buddy, J


Next Week’s Blanket Time & Activity Plan

Theme: Bugs









  • Good Morning Song
  • Bible Story: The Story of Creation (My Take-Along Bible)
  • Song/Poem/Book: Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Video




Extra Activities:

  • Make Butterflies: Color a coffee filter with washable markers & spray lightly with water, all the colors will run together. Now pinch the filter in the middle until it resembles butterfly wings. Place this in a clothespin. Add pipe cleaner antennae. {via Pamm’s House}
  • Move Like A Bug: Show the children how to move like a cricket, ant, grasshopper, spider, etc. {via Pamm’s House}
  • Play Cacoon. Take turns rolling up in a blanket like a cacoon. {via Pamm’s House}
  • Watch Planet Earth – Bugs
  • Make Ants on a Log for snack

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