Blanket Time – May 2013 Week 3

B and I are adding a new element to our morning routine starting this week.  I’m calling it Blanket Time.

In daycare, they typically call it Circle Time.  But….it wouldn’t be that much of a circle with just Little B and I here, so we’re changing the name but keeping the concept.

Blanket Time will take around 15 minutes (or however long B is interested) and be on a blanket in his room after we finish getting ready in the morning.

It will consist of four general parts and still continue with the themes from Pamm’s House

  • Good Morning song…and probably some dancing 😉
  • Bible story

  • Song/Poem/Book time

Ideas from Pamm’s House – Toddler Curriculum

  • Video Time

Ideas from All In One Homeschool


Next Week’s Blanket Time & Activity Plan

Theme: Body Parts



  • Good Morning Song
  • Bible Story: Jesus Loves Me p.195
  • Song/Poem/Book: Me Complete
  • Video

Other Activity: Outing



Other Activity: Outing



  • Good Morning Song
  • Bible Story: I’ll Help You pg. 184
  • Song/Poem/Book: Five Sense Praise
  • Video

Other Activity: Cut out body parts from a magazine, glue to a box.  Roll box like dice and name the part that lands face up.



  • Good Morning Song
  • Bible Story: Helping a Friend pg. 163
  • Song/Poem/Book: Hokey Pokey
  • Video

Other Activity: Read a book about moving body



  • Good Morning Song
  • Bible Story: One Said Thank You pg. 195
  • Song/Poem/Book: Toe Knee Chest Nut
  • Video

Other Activity: Grocery Shopping


Extra Activities:

  • Veggie Tales: Are You My Neighbor?
  • Tear off strips of masking tape and have B put them on the body part that I name
  • Measuring Magic pg. 133 (The Toddler’s Busy Book)

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