Toddler Activities – Rocks & Dirt (and our garden)

Our activities last week centered around the theme of Rocks & Dirt (Pamm’s House toddler curriculum).

1. Dirt and mud in the garden.

Brandon built me a couple of awesome cedar raised beds to plant some vegetables this year.  We decided to go with the Square Foot Gardening approach and used strings to make a grid.  This was a great opportunity to teach Little B about dirt.  We talked about dirt when it is dry and then put water on it and called it mud. Toddler rocket science! 🙂


Here’s the close-up.  So far we have Garlic (bottom left), broccoli (bottom middle), spinach (bottom right), parsley (middle middle), and butter crunch lettuce (middle right).



Here’s the other bed…



As you can see, we don’t have a lot of space to work with! Here’s the close-up. Carrots (bottom left and bottom right) and yellow onions (bottom middle).


The rest of the garden will go in soon as the weather warms a bit!

2. The next lesson we did with B’s buddy.  We filled two plates with dry dirt, then watered one down to make mud.  They cared about this for….let’s see….2 seconds. 🙂 Oh well, that’s a toddler for ya.



Most of the lesson went like this…


We decided to serve daddy muddy mulch pies for dinner. 🙂


3. Finger painting with chocolate pudding or “mud”. We love to do eat this activity. 😉



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