30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Project #19

I’m joining Money Saving Mom in her 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge! According to my goals I set for the week, I want to get at least 3 of these projects done, with pictures.

Last one and I’m caught up to the rest of the group joining Money Saving Mom!

Project #19 – Clean out your entryway, sweep your garage, and/or vacuum out your car.

I chose to do a quick cleanup of the entryway from the garage…where everything gets dumped! FlyLady calls these Hot Spots and this one most certainly is for us.  A Hot Spot is any place in your home where clutter accumulates.  Like a fire catching, a Hot Spot seems to start growing and growing after you set the first thing down there.




I’m curious…

What are the hot spots in your home?


2 thoughts on “30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Project #19

  1. Love that you pointed out the hot spots! Unfortunately we have many hot spots. It seems that if there is a flat surface, or entrance things get dumped there. (Good thing the fire hall is less than half a block away) 😉

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