Offering FREE Sketchup 3D Modeling

Hi Everyone,

I want to build my Sketchup 3D Modeling portfolio and skills, so I am going to be offering FREE 3D Modeling services! Your variety of projects will help me gain some experience and hopefully help you achieve your design goals as well.

If you are…

  1. Remodeling your home – 3D Models of the existing home and the home after the renovation.
  2. Building a new home – given a set of builder’s plans, I will create a 3D Model and walkthrough video of the new home.
  3. Landscaping – a 3D model and walkthrough of how your yard would look with new landscaping
  4. Furniture 3D models
  5. Interior design
  6. Send me your idea!

Here’s a little of what I’ve done so far…

Briana Elevation 4

Interior 1

Interior 2

Interior 3


Birmingham Floor Plan

Birmingham kitchen view

Birmingham Option B

See a walkthrough video here…

If you are interested in seeing a 3D Model of your project, please email me at

What I may need from you to help you realize your project…

  1. Set of builder’s plans with plan dimensions (optional)
  2. A rough sketch with rough dimensions
  3. Description of project

2 thoughts on “Offering FREE Sketchup 3D Modeling

  1. Hello, I am a young mom whom happened to come across your blog. I love your house designs with sketchup by the way. I have a lot of similar passions as you. I am actually looking for advice or inspiration to finish some designs and start a blog myself! If you are willing, I’m wondering how you get anything done in what seems to be so little time for nap time. Sometimes my daughter naps for 2 hours (on a lucky day).. but for me it just seems like I open up the program and start the layout and that’s it.. I guess I just really need to get more determined with it. I have an associates degree from an accredited college in architectural design and took a break from my career when my daughter was born , almost 3 years ago now! I’m wondering how the blogging road has gone for you and how difficult it is to get out there? Thanks, any advice would be appreciated.
    Kalyn Hill
    3D designer

    • Hi Kalyn! It does sound like we are similar and have asked a lot of the same questions! I did those house models almost 4 years ago when my firstborn was just over one year old. Crazy how time flies – I now have a 5 year old, a 2 year old, and one on the way! At that time, I had just went from working 4 days a week as a structural engineer to being a full time stay-at-home mom. I was mainly in the learning stages of using Sketchup and got some home plans (floor plans, elevations, details, etc.) from a family member who is a real estate developer. Honestly, those first couple homes took me about 2 months each factoring in a learning curve and very short, sporadic nap time work sessions. I realized after that, doing elevations and walk-throughs at that point in my life were more of a frustration than it was worth. Therefore, I stopped focusing on modeling new homes. However, this family member really liked the idea of using Sketchup to model their home elevations and actually learned the program himself. With that said, I think there’s definitely a market for this type of thing. There seemed to be more interest in new home elevations than a full walk-through. This is good news for a work at home mom because elevations can be done fairly quickly.

      After I posted the Sketchup offer to my blog, I’ve had a few people over the years ask about modeling up a home renovation. For example, I’ve done two models where I simply take a 2D photo image of a home elevation, import into Sketchup, and change up colors, type of siding, garage doors, etc. I haven’t pursued this type of work very diligently, but I think it could bring in small amounts of income here and there with a small amount of effort. Lots of people like to see what their renovation will look like before they start changing things. A blog is a great way to advertise as you can post before and afters there and on social media.

      Lastly, I’ve also done some freelance work with Sketchup on a website called Again, it was difficult to complete work quickly because of nap time.

      I did enjoy the design work and blogging, but as we’ve added to our family I’ve felt the need to take a break from them both in order to rest and recharge during nap time. That decision has definitely helped me guard against “mom burnout”. 🙂 In the beginning of my stay at home mom career, the best decision was for me to stimulate my brain with learning Sketchup. I guess we all go through phases. Ironically, after not touching this blog for several months, I was thinking about posting today before you commented. 🙂

      I think 3D design work and blogging can be a great opportunity for a mom that wants to work from home. You could always give it a try and if you find it’s not the best for you or your family, change things up. Best wishes to you on your journey!


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