Toddler Activities – Quilts

The theme for this 3rd week in April was Quilts over at Pamm’s House.  We are no strangers to quilts at this household.  There are some extremely talented quilters in both my husband’s and my extended family and we have been blessed with many beautiful quilts.  And if you are thinking that this week’s theme is a little girly, don’t worry…next week we’re talking about Rocks & Dirt. 🙂

Here’s how little B and I incorporated the theme of the week…

  1. Got out all our quilts and talked about who made them and what was on them.  We spent a lot of time just laying on them, reading on them, doing flashcards on them, etc. etc.   

Quilt made by B’s Great-Great Grandma before she passed away and a few months before B was born.


Quilt made for me by B’s Great-Grandma Brinkmeyer.


Quilt made by B’s Great-Aunt Debbie.


Quilt made by B’s Great-Great Grandma Brinkmeyer for his Daddy. Used by his Daddy as a child (and I believe his 3 Uncles too) and now used and loved by Little B every night. Love it. 🙂



Quilt made for Little B by his Great-Grandma Brinkmeyer.



Quilt made for Little B by his Great-Great Grandma Brinkmeyer.


Quilt made by Little B by his Great-Aunt Debbie.

2. Next we made our own “quilt squares”, colored on them, and put stickers on them.  Little B is all about stickers right now.



3. We practiced our sewing on some cardstock with holes punched around the perimeter. From this we learned that Little B doesn’t care too much for sewing….naturally. 🙂



For easier sewing, we wrapped tape around the end of the yarn.  Of course, B was trying to wrap himself up in the yarn the whole time. Oh geez…that kid. 🙂


4. Other activities going along with the Pamm’s House curriculum…letter of the week coloring page ( and read the story of Ruth and Naomi in B’s Toddler Bible.








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