April Kids Cookbook Club


Mini Corn Dog Muffin Bites (click picture for recipe)

A few months back, through our Moms & Kids Meetup group, we started a fun little event called Kids Cookbook Club.  It was inspired by our Cookbook Club that meets locally.

How it works: Each month we pick a kids-geared website/cookbook from which to cook.  Moms and their kids will choose a recipe from that website/cookbook and make it for the next Kids Cookbook Club meeting.  The idea here is to try to get the little ones involved in the cooking. 🙂 Little B (also known as “B The Destroyer” – said in a Hulk Hogan voice, of course) is a little young for many kitchen tasks, but I try to involve him every once in a while by stirring or sprinkling cheese.

At the meetings, we spread out the food on the table, take pictures, say what we made, and dig in.  Side note: many of our recipes incorporate hidden vegetables. Bonus!


Pizza Balls (click picture for recipe)

These photos are form the first meeting where the theme was the website Weelicious.com.


Pasta with Corn and Ricotta (click picture for recipe)


Homemade Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream (click picture for recipe)

Would you like to join us in our Kids Cooking Club and blog about it?

This month we’re cooking from…

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3 thoughts on “April Kids Cookbook Club

  1. What a great idea! It would be a great way to see if your child likes a bunch of recipes at once – without having to cook each and every one.

    • So true, Kristen! The adults don’t mind sampling the food either. 😉 Sometimes I wonder who likes Cooking Club more; the adults or the kids. 🙂

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