Toddler Activities – Music & Movement

One of my goals for the week was to do at least 3 planned activities with Little B.  I love the website and curriculum that Pamm’s House provides for toddlers.  I had searched and searched for toddler activities that were organized how she did it.  I wanted someone to tell me what to do each day….I’m not sure what that says about me.  Let’s not speculate and say we did. 🙂

The theme for this 2nd week in April was Music & Movement.  We picked these activities to try…

  1. Play music and dance around the house with “instruments”. B used this box and a bowl while I used a wooden spoon and plastic container with the lid on.  It made us laugh, but Little B lost interest after about 5 minutes.  


2. Play different types of music as you do different activities during the day.  We used Pandora and this was our lunchtime music.


3. Read the story of Jesus’ resurrection in our Toddler Bible.

4. Color our Letter of the Week coloring page from



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