New York in a Day – With a Toddler

When my brother-in-law came to visit, we decided it would be fun to show him some sites in New York since it’s not terribly far away for us.  So, my husband, our toddler, Bro-in-law, and I piled into the car on a Sunday afternoon and drove to the big city.

Here’s what we did:

Sunday afternoon & evening

  1. Settled into our hotel – we found a great deal at the Hampton Inn-Times Square (March is a great time to visit NY for the hotel deals!)
  2. Then, we walked up to Columbus Circle and along the edge of Central Park to get to FAO Schwarz, a huge iconic toy store.  It was fun for the little boy and the big boys too.
  3. The guys popped into the cool underground Apple Store nearby while Little B and I walked around the block – we were in the stroller and the Apple Store’s elevator was broken.
  4. We walked down 5th Avenue for some window shopping.
  5. When we hit 47th Street, we headed over to see Times Square.
  6. By this time, my toes were pretty much frozen numb, so we headed over to 8th Ave (a great area to find a restaurant – I believe 46th Street is even called Restaurant Row) to find some New York style pizza.  We ended up in A Slice of New York.  It was great for us because it wasn’t crowded yet (too early for dinner for most folks) and we could fit the stroller at the table.  The pizza was pretty good too, although it’s a wonder you taste any of your food when you’re eating out with a toddler!

Monday morning & afternoon

  1. We decided to do some celebrity gawking over at the Today Show in Rockefeller Plaza.  It’s so cool to see Natalie Morales in real life – well, through the window. 🙂 While we were there, we also enjoyed watching the ice skaters over at the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink.
  2. Then, we headed back up 5th Avenue to go to the Central Park Zoo.  This part of our trip wasn’t planned, but such a great experience.  The animals seem to be more active in the cold weather, too.  So fun.
  3. Next, it was more walking through Central Park and over to the West Side to see the American Museum of Natural History. It’s the one in the movie, Night at the Museum.  We didn’t have time to stop in this trip, but most of us have been before and loved it.
  4. Right behind the museum was one of my favorite places I’ve EVER eaten, the Shake Shack.  Oh my goodness, so good.  Really recommend this if you’re going to New York with or without kids.  We ate outside because we could see it would be difficult to get a table in the upstairs area.  They do have downstairs dining, but again, not stroller friendly.
  5. That’s all…Bye Bye, New York.

Is it time to go yet?


Big boys become little boys really fast in this store. 🙂


FAO Schwarz






Bed time…who wants me in their bed?


What the big boys did while B and I slept. 🙂



The Plaza, darling.



Central Park Zoo













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