April Cookbook Club

One of my new favorite clubs I’ve recently joined is a local Cookbook Club.  We meet once a month at someone’s house and bring all the recipes we’ve made to share with everyone.  Then, we talk a little about that month’s cookbook/theme/website and do a lot of “mmm…this is good!” and “mmm…what is in this?”

A cookbook club is similar to a book club in that we choose a cookbook/theme/type of food each month from which we try new/old recipes.  I thought it would be fun to offer the opportunity for those in the blog world to join in on some cookbook club adventures.

Each month, I will post a theme and discussion questions.  Then, participants can link up to a blog post with photos, recipes, and answer discussion questions to share their experience.

If you’d like to join the fun, here’s what to do:

  1. Check out the cookbook/theme/website we will be cooking from below.
  2. Pick out your recipe and make it for yourself, family, or friends.
  3. Take photos of your recipe.
  4. Create a blog post with your recipe, photos, and answers to the discussion questions below.
  5. Include a link in your post back to this post.
  6. Link your blog post below.
  7. Check out and comment on other Cookbook Club posts.
  8. You’re Done!

march cookbook club

Theme: Make a recipe using your favorite spice.

Q1: What is your favorite spice and what recipe did you make with it?

Q2: Where did your recipe come from?

Q3: Did you like/dislike your recipe? What about it did you like/dislike? Did your family like/dislike?

Q4: Did you learn any new cooking techniques while making this recipe?

Q5: Anything interesting about your favorite spice? Feel free to Google a fact to share!

Q6: Would you make this recipe again?


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