2013 Goals – April Update

Central Park Zoo - March 2013

Central Park Zoo – March 2013

Here’s what I’m planning to tackle in 2013.


Personal Goals – Spiritual/Physical/Mental/Emotional

1. Participate in 3 Bible studies through WomensBibleCafe.com.

Finished the first one a week ago.  I did the Experiencing God study by Henry & Richard Blackaby….amazing. I had been struggling so much with the concept of “hearing God”. This study really opened my eyes to the importance of watching for where God is working in my life and the lives of those around me, then joining Him in this work.  

2. Exercise at least 3 times each week.

This is going pretty well and will be much easier now that warmer weather is coming our way!

3. Learn to let go of my pride by finding ways to focus on what God wants for me.

I need to be more mindful of asking questions and listening to people when I’m in conversation, instead of talking about myself so much.


Marriage Goals

4. Plan and have at least 2 dates with my husband each month. Utilize the DatingDivas.com website for ideas.

We are having fun with this one and have done about 5 of the at-home dates so far.

5. Ask my husband what his highs/lows of his day were when he gets home from work – do this at least 3 days per week.

Have gotten off track with this one…will start back up today!


Mothering Goals

6. Do at least 3 planned activities/crafts each week.

Enjoying Pamm’s House as a resource for this.  

7. Read 100 books together.

We read a lot of books, but it tends to be a lot of the same books.  I’ll work on going to the library and checking out different books that we can read.  I want to create a post to record this progress and list the books.

8. Host a playdate/get-together with other moms and kids once a month.

This is going well as I have started a group through Meetup.com.  We are meeting lots of moms in the area and enjoying the activities/playdates.


Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family

9. Have people over for dinner at least 1 time a month.

We are doing well with this so far.  Need to schedule an April dinner.

10. Complete at least six 3D home tours for my dad’s business.

Completed two houses so far.  

a. http://www.cmshomesllc.com/birmingham-home-tour/

b. http://www.cmshomesllc.com/new-home-for-sale-in-troy-mo-briana-video-tour/


Financial Goals

11. Spend less than $60 per week on groceries.

Just listened to Money Saving Mom’s 31 days to a Better Grocery Budget videos.  I spent $54 last week on groceries and will try to implement the Buy Ahead Principle to create even more grocery savings.

12. Cancel DirectTV.

Husband will be doing this soon.


Business/Blogging/Project Goals

13. Get approval for PE Exam.

Need to send in Amplified Record sheet.  Almost done.

14. Finish 3 DIY projects.

Need to borrow a staple gun from someone and buy some fabric to finish the advent calendar project!


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