7 Weekly Goals

Labor Day Weekend 2012 at Ocean City, MD Boardwalk

Labor Day Weekend 2012 at Ocean City, MD Boardwalk

I have been so inspired by this post at Money Saving Mom to start writing down my weekly/yearly goals that I’m restarting my blog to have a place to record my progress.  Please, Lord, help me with this!  Goal setting is so scary.  It can either be awesome because it is written proof that things are getting done when you check off a goal…or it can be royally disappointing when you don’t achieve your goals.

I felt so encouraged by this article that I thought I’d give it a go….and if I don’t always achieve all my goals, I’m declaring right now:

SO WHAT.  Progress, not perfection.  One of my favorite mantras.

So here it goes, following a similar outline as Money Saving Mom

Personal Goals

1. Write in my “pear journal” (my prayer journal with the picture of a pear on front…Haha!) four times

Marriage Goals

2. Pick a date from the Dating Divas At-Home Dates list and plan it out for Tuesday.

Mothering Goals

3. Choose at least 3 activities from Pamm’s House and incorporate the week’s theme, Movement & Music.

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family Goals

4. Focus on asking questions and listening when getting together with other moms this week at Meetups.

Financial Goals

5. Spend less than $60 this week on groceries.

Business/Blogging/Project Goals

6. Finish and mail in PE licensing info.

Home Goals

7. Participate in 30-Day House cleaning challenge at Money Saving Mom at least three times.


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