30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Project #1

These 30 days don’t all have to be in a row, right? 🙂

I’m joining Money Saving Mom in her 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge! According to my goals I set for the week, I want to get at least 3 of these projects done, with pictures.

Project #1 – Surface clean your living room and kitchen

This was a little tricky because Little B was getting out toys and dumping them at the same speed that I was trying to put things away….but, we managed to do our best and the little guy even helped bag up a few legos.

Picked up and vacuumed living room.



Decluttering and countertops in the kitchen…still need to clear a few things off, including the drying dishes! I’ll do that tonight.


Yay for an empty sink and sunshine!






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